A Service of Commemoration for Yom Hashoah V’Hagevura Holocaust & Heroism Day

April 7, 2021    
7:00 pm

77 years since the liberation of the camps began, we recall the courage of those who fought back, we remember the murder of 1/3 of our people, and we remember the redemption of the survivors. . . As we light iurfzv rb’ Ner haZikaron, the Candle of Remembrance, we will listen to the words of witnesses and offer heartfelt prayers of faith and commitment. The light symbolizes our responsibility to learn from history and heritage; the flame reminds us of the love we lost and the hope we have for a brighter tomorrow.

Click here for a message from Rabbi Gruber on why we observe Yom HaShoah v’haGevura

A ZOOM Link to follow for the program