Member Policy

Policy on Member Accounts and Membership Standing, Approved 4/8/2019

  • Congregation Kol Ami of Frederick (CKAF) dues, tuition, Bar/Bat Mitzvah fees, and other charges are due and payable upon billing. Members may make arrangements with the Financial Secretary to pay the amount owed in full at the time of billing or make quarterly or monthly payments. Click here to make a payment.
  • Members may seek abatement or reduction of dues and tuition/fees for reasons of financial hardship by completing an Application for Financial Assistance and submitting to the Financial Secretary. The Financial Secretary will contact the member upon receipt of the application to negotiate a fee structure and schedule. Submitting the Application does not release the member from his/her obligation.
  • Completion of an Application for Financial Assistance is required for an adjustment of fees to be considered. Unless an Application for Financial Assistance has been received and a payment schedule negotiated with the Financial Secretary, the member is expected to pay all dues, tuition, and fees owed.
  • Failure to pay dues, tuition, and fees in full, to negotiate an agreement with the Financial Secretary, or to honor a negotiated agreement will result in a Member Not in Good Standing Status after one quarter (3 months) has passed from the date the dues, tuition, and/or fees are due.
  • Members who are Not in Good Standing will not:
    • receive High Holiday tickets
    • enroll children in Religious School, or return for the Spring Semester
    • receive a date for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah
    • begin work with the Rabbi for Bar or Bat Mitzvah preparation
    • serve on the CKAF Board of Trustees
    • serve on the CKAF Budget or Nominating Committees
    • receive Yahrzeit notices from CKAF or names read at the bima
  • If the Rabbi has already started to work with a child for Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation, instruction will be suspended until the member has negotiated and is honoring an agreement with the Financial Secretary.
  • After two quarters as a member not in good standing, membership is terminated. Students will be withdrawn immediately from the Religious School and the Bar/Bat Mitzvah date released from the CKAF calendar (if applicable).
  • Upon termination of membership, the former member is no longer eligible for pastoral assistance or officiating at life cycle events such as Bar/Bat Mitzvah, weddings, and funerals, except by separate agreement with the Rabbi.
  • Any member of CKAF whose membership is terminated or otherwise leaves the congregation owing a balance to CKAF will not be allowed to rejoin without an arrangement with the Financial Secretary.
  • Any applicants who have previously been members of the congregation are not eligible for the New Member Discount.
  • Volunteer service to CKAF does not substitute for payment of amounts owed.