Sponsor an Oneg

Sponsor an Oneg

Are you celebrating a special anniversary, birthday, graduation, or promotion?  Did your student come home with a great report card?  Do you have someone in mind that you would like to thank or honor?  Sponsoring an Oneg is a great way to do that! 

For $80, you can have us provide a cake with a message of your choice and some other yummy snacks after services.  If you would prefer to do the preparation and baking yourself, you can do that too.  Please provide a challah (you don’t have to bake it yourself!) if you are doing your own baking.

We will publicize it in the Weekly Bulletin, so your friends and family will be sure to come to services to be part of the celebration.  Your name and the occasion will be announced during services.  In order to sponsor an Oneg, please contact Mary Cat Lasko at . She will make sure the date is available, order the food, and get the information in the Weekly Bulletin.

Thank you!

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